Shade Cards

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BT20 Border Twist 2/10.5s Nm:

  • Border Twist Cover
  • Border Twist Text
  • Border Twist - Sample

DT12 Dales Tweed 6.2s Nm:

  • Dales Tweed Cover
  • Border Twist Cover
  • Dales Tweed Sample

BLW25 Lambswool 12.5s Nm:

  • Lambswool Cover
  • Border Twist Cover
  • Lambswool Sample 1

S08 Shetland 9s Nm:

  • Shetland Cover
  • Border Twist Cover
  • Shetland Sample 1

SS11 Soft Shetland 11.3s Nm:

  • Soft Shetland Cover_1
  • InnerText_Thumb
  • SS11_Inner_Thumb_2020

WS94 Iona 10.5s Nm:

  • Iona CoverThumb_1
  • Border Twist Cover
  • IonaInner_WS94_Thumb